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Workday Finance Newsletter
Friday, September 2nd, 2016  

Hello, September!

As fall approaches, preparation continues for the Workday Finance implementation. During August, the team:

  • Completed building the second configuration tenant
  • Completed end-to-end testing
  • Converted additional data
  • Added account posting rules
  • Continued configuration of SciQuest
  • Began working on pcard and travel card functionality Members from the FACs (Finance Advisory Councils) attended playback sessions to see how their feedback was incorporated into business processes.
  • In addition, team members who work with systems that will integrate with Workday were invited to learn more about the new FDM (Financial Data Model).

Preparation is now underway for SIT (Systems Integration Testing), an important milestone on the path to implementation.

In just nine short months, Workday Finance will be launched!


An email was recently sent to Cost Center Managers (CCMs) and Senior Business Officers (SBOs) asking them to nominate staff in their areas to become part of the Workday FUN (Finance Users Network). The individuals who will be part of this group are the people who will be the go-to resources for travel and expense reimbursements, purchasing cards, and purchase requisitions. These folks are most likely currently involved with eBERFs, purchase requisitions, and pcards. The project team will be working with them over the next several months to ensure they are ready to help their areas with the new business processes for procurement, pcards, and expense reimbursements The group will begin to meet in September.

If you'd like to nominate someone, please contact your friendly neighborhood CCM/SBO and they can submit to the ERP Team.

Security Role Workshop

The project team will meet in September with a small group of CCMs to explain new security roles that have been identified through business process design. We will ask them to assign the roles to people in their areas so that we can use the information in testing. This will help the team better understand how the business processes will be used in differently sized areas and also give us the opportunity to identify potential role conflicts. Actual role assignments won’t occur until after the first of the year so that invitations can be sent for role-based training.

HCM Update

During August, HCM made a number of enhancements to Workday, including EGH (Employee Grouping Hierarchy). This new organizational construct provides a means of grouping employees when neither Cost Center nor Supervisory Org are a solution. The assignment of EGH to an employee’s position assists downstream systems that rely on a grouping more equivalent to FRS department or sub-department. Note that those with finance roles will continue to use Cost Center and those with HCM roles will continue to use supervisory org for visibility, routing, and workflow. EGH training is available via ULearn.

HCM also made several enhancements to the time off functionality. The ability to request time off for jury duty was expanded to include certain employee types who previously could not select this option, including faculty and temporary staff; the ability to request no work – no pay was expanded to all employees except students and nine-month faculty; and, the time off option for voting has been removed.

Tools to Help Us Help You….

When you call for assistance with a problem, the team will usually ask you if you have Skype for Business. Having that available allows us to either view your screen or share ours so you can follow along as you learn how to perform a specific task. Instructions on how to get Skype for Business can be found here.

Another helpful tool is Box, a cloud-based file management software that allows you to access your files from any web browser. When information needs to be shared with CCMs that includes employee information, the material is placed in a Box folder, and the CCM is granted access to that folder, making it easy to receive information securely. CCMs who have been given access to such Box folders can add whomever they wish if further access is needed. If you’re not using Box already, there is information on the UMIT website regarding this tool and how to use it.

Not sure how to use the tools available to you? UMIT offers a number of courses on popular programs/tools, including Excel, Word, Outlook, Skype for Business, and more. Visit the training catalog to learn more.

Meet the Team

Each month, the Workday Finance Team would like to introduce you to two different members of the team. This month, please meet Mauricio Rodriguez and Mason Harrell.

Mason Harrell serves as our Deloitte counterpart for business assets, projects, expenses, and purchasing cards. Mason spent the majority of his life in Texas, and is a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He currently lives in San Francisco, California and enjoys running, hiking, and playing tennis.

Mauricio Rodriguez is a Technical Analyst on the University of Miami ERP Workday Finance project team focusing on employee expenses, purchasing cards, data conversion, and post-production support. Mauricio studied International Relations at FIU, and is fluent in German. When he’s not busy with the project, he enjoys cooking, working out, and drawing.

Workday Finance Forum

Learn more about the Workday Finance project, the FDM (Financial Data Model), purchasing, reimbursements, and grants at the Workday Finance Forum! Join us for a one hour forum on Monday, Sept. 12 at 11 a.m. in the Alumni Center Multipurpose Room (Coral Gables campus), on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 9 a.m. in the Jose Berrocal Auditorium (Medical campus), or on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 9 a.m. in the RSMAS Auditorium (RSMAS campus) . Click on the hyperlinks above to register. Please invite others in your department who need to know more about the changes to come!

What is in a Role?

Curious about what various roles do? You can find more information on the Workday Finance website. From there, you will find links to security role request forms as well as information on training.

Workday Rising

Workday is hosting its annual North American user conference, Workday Rising, from Monday, Sept. 26 to Thursday, Sept. 29. Some of the conference sessions will be live-streamed or made available for replay the following day. The Workday project team will be hosting a series of viewings on the Coral Gables Campus in GOT300 that week for FAC and FAB (Finance Advisory Board) members and other key stakeholders. Invites will be sent for these sessions in the coming weeks.

Share the News

The Workday Finance Update is sent out electronically at the end of each month (or beginning of following month depending on internal deadlines). Currently, about 550 readers receive the Update. Those with finance roles (e.g. FR, CCM, FBPI, SBO) automatically receive the update. As we get closer to implementation, expanding the audience for this Update will become important as we try to reach out to those who do not currently hold finance roles, but who will use Workday Finance in the future. Please encourage your colleagues who you believe would benefit from the Update to subscribe today by emailing: The Update is available to anyone and can also be found on our website.

Tip Sheets

The following tip sheets were updated or added this month:

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