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Workday Finance Newsletter
October 30, 2015


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Workday Finance newsletter! Over the past several months, we’ve asked for feedback regarding your preferences for receiving information about the project. In addition to requests for town hall meetings, a regular newsletter delivered via email was viewed favorably. Thanks to the efforts of Silvia Prieto and Lorilei Barsh, we now have our first newsletter to share with you.

Our intention is to provide information about team activities, project milestones, upcoming events, business process design and development, and links to supporting information contained in the Workday Finance website.

The newsletter will be sent via email monthly to those holding the roles of Cost Center Manager, Finance Business Process Initiator, and Finance Reviewer. Others who are interested in receiving the newsletter may subscribe using information provided at the end of this newsletter. In general, this will replace my periodic “Dear Cost Center Manager” emails containing slide decks.

I hope you enjoy the material and find it helpful as you join us in the journey to implementing Workday Finance – if you have feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know

- Theresa Ashman

Workday Finance

Introducing the Finance Advisory Board

The Finance Advisory Board (FAB) is comprised of leaders across the University of Miami who work with the project team to implement Workday Finance. They represent the best interest of the University in making decisions about the Workday system.

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Finance Advisory Councils

Finance Advisory Councils (FAC) are working groups established to focus on specific areas of the Workday Finance scope. They are sponsored by a FAB Member and chaired by a direct report of that individual.

The FAC is comprised of Accounting, Procure to Pay (P2P), Travel/Expenses, Reporting, Budget Execution, and Grants.

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Meet the Team

The Workday Finance project team is led by Executive Director Theresa Ashman, and is comprised of over 65 individuals. The project team is your go-to resource for all things Workday.

Workday Finance is the third phase of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiative and will include procurement, accounts payable, endowments, grants administration, general ledger/financial reporting, banking, and asset tracking (including capital projects). Team members are available to assist with each of these areas.

Meet the Team!

Guiding Principles

When the original Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project was established, the Executive Steering Committee developed guiding principles to serve as a basis for decision-making for all phases of the project. The guiding principles are:

  • The ERP will be the primary system for all administrative functions of the University of Miami including the medical campus and hospitals.
  • The ERP will strive to maintain an optimal balance between internal controls, security, legal requirements, and efficient and effective business process. Technology is the tool by which we will achieve this.
  • Employees will be continuously trained to use the system and to keep current with changes.
  • While transaction processing is critical, even more important is the need for robust, timely, and accurate management information.
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November Training

There are two types of training available for Finance Roles this November: Workday Business Processes for Finance Business Process Initiators (FBPI)s, and Workday Reporting Webinar.

Workday Business Processes for FBPIs is a ninety-minute introductory course addressing costing allocations and payroll accounting adjustments. This course is for new FBPIs, those who have some experience in Workday, and those who need more practice. To register, log in to ULearn and search for the session by using the keyword: “FBPI.”

Workday Reporting Webinar is a one-hour webinar, designed to introduce you to basic concepts on reporting, types of reports that are available, and how to run and filter reports. To register, log in to ULearn and search for the following keywords: “Workday Reports.”

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