Roles in Workday

Security roles are Workday designations that determine access to the initiation and approval of business processes as well as to data in Workday. Below is a comprehensive list of Workday security roles at University of Miami.

Assigned at Cost Centers or Cost Center Hierarchies

Security Role

Access and Responsibilities

Cost Center Manager (CCM) Ability to initiate as well as approve certain HCM and Finance business processes for workers in their Cost Center(s) or Cost Center Hierarchy. May be assigned at either the Cost Center or the Cost Center Hiearchy depending on responsibilities in the organization. Able to view compensation and other information for workers in their Cost Center(s). Able to see details of multiple jobs for workers with multiple jobs even if they are in other Cost Centers.
Finance Reviewer (FR) Able to see same information as CCM, but has no ability to initiate or approve. May be assigned to FBPI's in order to provide access to compensation information for workers in their Cost Center(s). Individuals with the FR role who do not also possess the FBPI role are generally assigned at the Cost Center Hierarchy (reflective of the enhanced level of responsibilities for that position). Assignment of role requires approval by the CCM.
Finance Business Process Initiator (FBPI) Able to initiate certain limited business processes including costing allocations, changes to org assignments, and payroll accounting adjustments. Cannot see compensation without the addition of the FR role. Has no approval authority and cannot see multiple jobs in other Cost Centers. Generally assigned only to specific Cost Centers with the exception of the Specialty Hospitals where role is assigned at the Cost Center Hierarchy. Assignment of role requires approval by the CCM.
Sr. Business Officer (SBO) Has elevated view access to information for workers in assigned Cost Center Hierarchy. Role is assigned to those who have either the FR or CCM role and requires approval by their Dean, Chair (MSOM), or Vice President. Also requires approval by the Vice President for Human Resources. Has no approval authority unless combined with CCM role.