Workday Finance: Approval Flow

How will the business process approval flow be determined?

  • Stakeholders from the entire University have worked together throughout the Workday Finance Project to lay the groundwork for streamlined approval flows that:

    • Ensure accountability and empowerment
    • Support compliance and internal controls
    • Provide consistency across the University
    • Remove non-value added steps in the business process

  • Although the approval flow for each business process will be different, these core concepts provided a strong framework for the Finance Advisory Councils (FACs) and the project team as they developed the future approval flows.

With shortened approval loops, how will others be made aware of purchases and other business processes?

  • Workday uses notifications to make others aware of purchases and other business processes that have been approved and completed.

When notifications are sent to a person’s email, will it send a reminder email until the task gets completed?

  • In Workday, notifications are not "calls to action."  Notifications simply inform someone that an action has occurred.  However, inbox items do require action.  Depending on the business process, we can send reminders or we can escalate a business process, which would be similar to what has been done with HCM business processes.

Can I see the status of an expense or requisition that is currently in the approval loop?

  • Yes, if you are the initiator, you can track the entire process.

How was my security role in Workday determined?

  • Cost Center Managers (CCMs) are responsible for assigning Workday roles. Certain roles have access to specific information in Workday that other roles may not. To request access to a role, visit the Forms section of the Workday Finance website. 

Can you delegate tasks and roles in Workday?

  • In Workday, you can do three business processes: delegate a task, create a delegation for a business process, and/or assign a delegate.  Additional information about which specific Workday Finance business processes you can delegate is forthcoming.

What roles allow me to change the shipping address on a purchase requisition?

  • If you have the role of reviewer, you may change the shipping address. If you have an approver role, you will not be able to change the address. However, both of these roles may “send back” to the initiator to change the shipping address.