Workday Finance: Purchasing

Updated: 09/26/2017

Why is UMarketplace necessary?

  • UMarketplace offers advanced search and compare functions and a robust supplier network that supports procurement needs across the University. Additionally, UMarketplace will maintain the University’s punchout catalog suppliers and supplier on-boarding.

What is the process to add non-UM addresses?

  • Send an email to Supply Chain Services at Supply Chain Services will then reach out to your manager to approve the address. He/she can then manually create it in Workday and should inform you when added.

Are all items available for purchase in UMarketplace from approved vendors?

  • Yes, all items available for purchase through UMarketplace are from vendors that have been approved by the University. Each vendor is using their unique site, so the process for ordering per vendor may differ slightly

How do I adjust the Company selected on my purchase requisition so that it aligns with the appropriate Cost Center to allow me to check out?

In UMarketplace, are you able to compare prices between different catalogues, or for only for one vendor at a time?

  • Within UMarketplace you are able to compare the same product from different suppliers.

Does assigning the cart in UMarketplace work both ways (i.e. manager to employee)?

  • Yes, a cart in UMarketplace can be assigned from any employee to any other employee.

Can I consolidate multiple carts in UMarketplace into one cart (i.e. multiple members in a department pick items and assign them to the department admin)? 

  • Yes, if multiple carts are assigned to one designee in UMarketplace, then items can be transferred and consolidated to another cart.

Does a purchase requisition allow multiple vendors and will it generate a purchase order (PO) per vendor after adding the items to the cart?

  • Yes, a purchase requisition allows multiple vendors. Upon approval, one PO per vendor per ship-to address will be issued. 

Can a purchase requisition have multiple ship-to addresses?

  • No, a purchase requisition can only have one ship-to address. To ship goods to multiple addresses, create a requisition per ship-to address.

Do prices in the UMarketplace tie to contracting pricing?

  • Yes, prices in UMarketplace tie to contract pricing.

Are we be able to assign discounts?

  • Punchout catalog items should reflect University contracted pricing—the prices on these items are not editable. In the event you receive an additional discount from the supplier, you will need to first create a non-catalog requisition and use the goods lines to enter the item description at the quoted discount price.

Do we need to request/attach quotes?

  • If you have a quote from a vendor, you should attach the quote to the purchase requisition in Workday.

How is a purchase order (PO) issued?

  • After a purchase requisition is submitted and approved, a purchase order is electronically generated and issued to a supplier.

Are  we able to do change and/or close purchase orders (POs)?

  • Change Orders in Workday can be initiated by the Workday role of Procurement Data Entry Specialist. Change Orders can also be used to reduce/remove the remaining encumbrances from a PO.

How are service contracts processed through Workday (e.g. consulting contracts)?

  • Service Contracts are processed on a purchase requisition for services. Refer to the Create Purchase Requisition for Services tip sheets , unless directed by Supply Chain Services.  

Can you look at any purchase requisition in Workday?

  • Purchase requisitions can be viewed by those with the appropriate security roles.

Do you have to continue to vendorize new vendors within the UM system?

  • Yes, the process for onboarding new vendors will continue, but in an electronic format. A request will be made to the Supply Chain Services by using a request form that can be accessed through Quicklinks worklet within Workday, or the Supply Chain Services website. Supply Chain Services will contact the supplier via email once the request form has been reviewed and approved.

How are the previous Ariba purchases going to be accessed through Workday? Have open purchase orders (POs) been carried over into Workday?

  • Purchase Orders with remaining balances have been converted into Workday. .

When did the PCard transition from AmEx to US Bank?

  • The transition coincided with the implementation of Workday Finance on September 1. For more information, please contact the Corporate Cards Office at (305) 284-2417 or

What is the new PCard reconciliation process?

  • PCard holders and those with the Workday role of Procurement Data Entry Specialist are able to complete PCard reconciliation in Workday and attach appropriate documentation. PCard reconciliation is no longer paper-based.

What are the Spend Category options for purchasing equipment?

For minor equipment, furniture, and software with a unit cost below $2,500 use:

  • SC08226 - Expendable Minor Equipment
  • SC08235 - Computer Hardware & Software Non-Capital

For capital equipment (a unit cost $2,500 or greater and a useful life greater than one year) use:

  • SC09425 - Capital Computers - UM-Owned
  • SC09426 - Capital Software - UM-Owned
  • SC09427 - Movable Capital Equipment - UM-Owned
  • SC08880 - Movable Capital Equipment - Non-UM-Owned
  • SC09428 - Fabricated Equipment - UM-Owned
  • SC08881 - Fabricated Equipment - Non-UM-Owned
  • SC09435 - Building Fixed Equipment