Workday Finance: Purchasing

Why is UMarketplace necessary?

  • UMarketplace (powered by SciQuest) offers advanced search and compare functions and a robust supplier network that supports procurement needs across the University.

Are all items available for purchase in UMarketplace from approved vendors?

  • Yes, all items available for purchase through UMarketplace are from vendors that have been approved by the University.

In UMarketplace, will you be able to compare prices between different catalogues or only for one vendor at a time?

  • Within UMarketplace (powered by SciQuest) you will be able to compare the same product from different suppliers.

Will assigning the cart work both ways? (i.e. manager to employee)

  • Yes, a cart can be assigned from any employee to any other employee.

Can multiple carts be consolidated (i.e. multiple members in a department pick items and assign them to the department admin)? 

  • Yes, if multiple carts are assigned to one designee, then items can be transferred to another cart and consolidated.

Will the purchase requisitions allow multiple vendors or will it generate a PO per vendor after adding the items to the cart?

  • A purchase requisition will allow multiple vendors. Upon approval, one purchase order per vendor will be issued. 

Will prices in the UMarketplace tie to contracting pricing?

  • Yes, prices in UMarketplace will tie to contract pricing.

Will we be able to assign discounts?

  • Discounts will have to be calculated and applied to each line of the Purchase Requisition by the central Procurement Team based on agreed upon payment terms with the supplier.

Will we need to request/attach quotes?

  • The quote can be attached to the requisition in Workday.

How will items on Purchase Orders work?

  • After a requisition is submitted and approved, a purchase order is electronically generated and issued to a supplier.

Will we be able to do change orders and PO close outs?

  • Change Orders in Workday will be initiated by Purchasing and Supply Chain Services. The process for making a request is under development, and additional information will be communicated in the future.

How will service contracts be processed through Workday?  (i.e. consulting contracts)

  • Service Contracts will route through Workday's Supplier Contracts module. Contracts will be negotiated, drafted and executed as they are today. Workday Supplier Contracts can also be used to remit payment.

Can you look at any purchasing request in Workday?

  • Purchase requisitions can be viewed by those with the appropriate security roles.

Do you have to continue to vendorize new vendors within the UM system?

  • Yes, the process for onboarding new vendors will continue, but in an electronic format.

How are the current Ariba purchases going to be accessed through Workday? Will existing (open) POs be carried over into the new system once it is implemented?

  • Open purchase orders will not be converted into Workday. Purchase requisitions will be entered into Workday beginning on June 1. Details of how we will transition from using old systems to the new system will be communicated in the coming months.

When will the PCard transition from AmEx to US Bank occur?

  • The transition will coincide with the implementation of Workday Finance.

What will be the new PCard reconciliation process?

  • Users will be able to complete PCard reconciliation in Workday and attach appropriate documentation.  PCard reconciliation will no longer be paper-based, but the process and additional policy is under evaluation by the Treasury Department and additional stakeholders.