Workday Finance: Training

When will training start?

  • Training will be offered throughout the project implementation to those users who are impacted by the Workday system. Some training is already available on Finance business processes that are used in Workday today. Visit the Workday Finance Training Catalog  to learn more about current training offerings.
  • New role-based training will launch a few weeks before the Workday Finance go-live date. This will be Just-In-Time training designed for those users that need to interact with or extract data from Workday.

How will training be organized?

  • Workday Finance training will provide users with a learning experience tailored to their future use of Workday. This blended learning approach will utilize diverse tools and resources to provide process and role-based learning experiences that fit the needs of users across campuses and Workday roles, which may include:

    • ILT (Instructor-Led Training): In person, hands-on training
    • CBL (Computer-Based Learning): Online, self-paced learning modules
    • Webinars: Online facilitated training even
    • Tip Sheets and Tutorials: Step-by-step instructions and self-paced videos

  • Visit the Workday Finance Training Catalog  to learn more about current training offerings.

Where can I find a manual on how to use the system?

  • In order to help you navigate the Workday system, tip sheets and tutorials will provide step-by-step instructions for completing Workday business processes. These online resources are available on the Workday Finance web site.
  • Avoid printing Workday tip sheets because they are updated as business processes change. Instead, bookmark this web page and search for the most current tip sheet when you need to submit a business process in Workday.

How much training do we need to appropriately use the system?

  • Not everyone will require training - only the people who will need to interact with or get data from Workday. Your department head will assess who needs to receive training and will work with the Workday training team to schedule live, hands-on training. Additional resources will be made available online.

Are cost centers the same as what we currently call “accounts”?

  • No, Cost Centers are equivalent to Department/Subdepartment and represent a team of people, occupying space, with identifiable costs, and assignable equipment. For example, Chemistry and Pediatrics are good examples of Cost Centers. However, Subdepartments that were established to track a particular type of expense, revenue, or principal investigator are not Cost Centers.

  • As we implement Finance, additional financial data elements will be available to assure that we can account for activities we account for today. Note, that “Account” in Workday describes the nature of a transaction (e.g. expense, revenue, asset, etc.) whereas “FRS Account” represents a way of assigning various transactions to a specific activity or funding source. The new term for “FRS Account” in Workday is “Legacy Value.”