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Project Timeline and Phases

Project Timeline

In September 2017, Workday Finance was implemented with full functionality at the University, and limited functionality (non-clinical procurement, Accounts Payable, expenses and business assets) in the hospitals.

Here is the full project timeline:  

Project Phases 

The Workday Finance project is broken down into six main phases: Plan, Architect, Configure & Prototype, Test, Deploy, and Support.


  • Confirm the overall project scope and timeline
  • Define the team members, councils, and roles & responsibilities


  • Document business requirements and processes
  • Deep dive sessions
  • Business process design sessions
  • Normalization sessions
  • Playback sessions

Configure & Prototype

  • Produce two fully configured prototypes with limited amount of data converted


  • SIT (System Integration Testing)
  • UAT (User Acceptance Testing)


  • Prepare for go-live 
  • Execute system and business cutover to Workday
  • Training


  • Provide support to end users
  • Training