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Workday Finance: Notifications

Last Updated: 02/08/2017

How are my business processes routed for approval?

  • Workday automatically routes a business process for approval based on a set of pre-defined security and business rules. These rules can vary depending on the business process and include criteria such as added approvals for grant-related and/or high-dollar amount transactions.
  • A detailed overview of the required approvals for each submitted business process can be located in the “Process” tab when viewing the submitted transaction in Workday.

How are others made aware of purchases and other business processes?

  • Workday uses notifications to make those necessary with certain security roles aware of purchases and other business processes that have been fully approved and completed.

What are notifications?  Will approvers receive reminder emails about business transactions awaiting their approval?

  • “Notifications” in Workday are not "calls to action." Notifications simply inform users that an action has occurred and appear under “Notifications” in your Workday profile drop-down menu. However, items in your inbox that are awaiting your approval do require action.
  • Users can configure their settings in Workday to receive an email when a transaction requiring approval has occurred. This reminder is only sent once. You can also reference tip sheets available on the Workday Finance website.

Why can’t I see notifications for all my purchases or other business processes?

  • This depends on the approval flow for each specific business process and whether you have a role that is involved in approving that business process.
    • Example 1: If you have a role to approve a business process, you will not be able to see it in Workday until it comes to you for approval.
    • Example 2: If you do not have a role to approve a business process, you will not be able to see the transaction until it is fully approved and completed.