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Workday Finance: Security

Updated: 02/08/2018

How was my Workday security role determined?  How do I request access to a Workday security role for me or someone else?

  • Security roles were determined and assigned by Cost Center Managers (CCM).
  • To request a change in an employee’s security role access in Workday, please complete the appropriate form accessible in the “Security Roles” section under “Workday Forms.” Scan the completed form and email it to the email address given on the form.

Who can submit a security role request form?

  • As long as the name and information under “Role Assignee” is listed accurately and the form is signed by the appropriate individual(s), a security role request form can be submitted by you, your manager, or your Cost Center Manager.

What are the different security roles in Workday Finance?

  • To review a detailed list of Workday Finance roles, click here. Check back regularly, as new roles are added when needed.

How do I know what security role(s) I have?

  • To learn how to see what security role assignments you have, please review this tip sheet.

Do I need to submit a separate form for each Cost Center or Driver Worktag (program/grant/gift) to which I am requesting security role access?

  • It is encouraged that you submit one form listing each Cost Center(s) or Driver Worktag(s) to which you are requesting security role access. However, if you are requesting a security role for multiple Role Assignees or involving different Cost Center Managers, please submit a separate form for each. If a role should apply to all Cost Center(s) in a Cost Center Hierarchy (CCH), then identify the Cost Center Hierarchy (CCH) not the individual Cost Center(s).

When should I expect to receive access after a security role request form has been submitted?

  • Security role request forms are addressed on a rolling basis and the timetable can vary based on demand.