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Workday Finance: Training and Engagement

Updated: 02/08/2018

Where can I find project updates, status updates, and communications regarding the change?

  • Continue to visit the Workday Finance website and subscribe to the Workday Finance Update to stay up-to-date on information about Workday Finance. Past versions of the Workday Finance Digest publication are available in the Communications section of this website.

Where can I find training?

.How is training organized?

  • Workday Finance training is organized by business process and functionality. The University of Miami has provided a blended learning approach that utilizes diverse tools and resources to provide process and role-based learning experiences that fit the needs of users across campuses and Workday roles, which may include:
    • ILT (Instructor-Led Training): In person, hands-on training
    • CBL (Computer-Based Learning): Online, self-paced learning modules
    • Webinars: Online facilitated training event
    • Tip Sheets and Tutorials: Step-by-step instructions and self-paced videos
  • Visit the Workday Finance Training Catalog to learn more about current training offerings.

Where can I find a manual on how to use Workday?

  • Tip sheets and tutorial videos are available on the Workday Finance website These tools provide step-by-step instructions for navigating the Workday system and completing Workday business processes.

How much training do we need to appropriately use the system?

  • If your role requires you to frequently complete financial business processes on behalf or yourself and/or others, you should take advantage of available training. However, given that this will be the general ledger for the University of Miami, we encourage all employees to learn the Workday Finance system in order to learn how to perform basic tasks and understand its navigation and functionality. Please review the Workday Finance Training Role Matrix on the Workday website for additional information.