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Workday Finance: Wire Transfers

Updated: 02/08/2018

How will wire transfers be affected?

  • The method for requesting a wire transfer has changed significantly and it is no longer a separate form or process.
  • Wire transfers are now a payment method specifically for a particular payee (or supplier). In addition to not requiring a separate form, the Workday process couples the payment with the supplier (payee) records and does not require a separate journal entry or relieving of encumbrances.
  • For additional information on how to request a wire transfer, please reference the Create Supplier Invoice for ACH Payment and Wire Transfer Requests tip sheet.

How do I create an international payee? 

How do I get a supplier set up for ACH or wire payments?

In order to get a supplier set up for ACH and wire payments, one must verify the Supplier is enabled to accept this payment type:

  • The appropriate payment type listed in the Accepted Payment Types and Default Payment Type fields:
    • Check Request – ACH OR Check Request – Wire

What backup documentation should I upload with the request?

Please ensure you have all relevant documents – Payee’s tax document (if applicable), original request for payment, and

  • For Wire Transfers: Include document with any specific instructions from payee (e.g. if payment is made in a foreign currency, if a specific amount is to be withheld for taxes, etc.)

In addition, please complete the EFT form (Electronic Funds Transfer), specifically with the following details 

  • Banking information
  • Program
  • Spend Category
  • Back up documentation (invoice)

Who should I contact in order to get a supplier set up for ACH or wire payments?

Send an email, justifying the request, to: