Workday Finance: Expenses

Last Updated: 09/26/2017

Who will have access to submit eBERFs?

  • In Workday, eBERFs are known as expense reports. All employees will have the ability to submit expense reports. However, only an employee with the Workday role of Expense Data Entry Specialist can submit an expense report on behalf of another employee. To learn more about expense reports, please attend the Workday: Expenses instructor led training available in ULearn. You can also reference tip sheets available on the Workday Finance website.

How will per diem rates be determined in Workday?

  • Per diem rates will be determined by city based on the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. For days of travel, the per diem rate is calculated based on where the traveler ended their day.

How will we reimburse non-employees? What about students?

How can I get help completing eBERFs in Workday?

  • The Workday Finance Team is hosting Drop-In Labs across all campuses. Click here for a detailed schedule of drop-in lab sessions that support Expenses business processes.