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Finance Advisory Board

The FAB (Finance Advisory Board) is comprised of leaders across the University of Miami who work with the project team to implement Workday Finance. They represent the best interest of the University in recommending Workday system configurations.

Roles and Responsibilities of the FAB

  • Accept and adopt the ERP Executive Committee Guiding Principles when making recommendations
  • Active participation in FAB meeting discussions
  • Be an advocate for the Workday system and a champion of continuous improvement (be flexible and open to opposing ideas)
  • Represent the best interest of the entire University (not just individual areas of responsibility or campus) in making recommendations about the Workday system
  • Act as a communication liaison between decisions being made about the Workday Finance Project design and member teams
  • Think transformational (not transactional)
  • If assigned to a Council, act as a mentor and liaison between the council and the FAB

FAB Members

  • Gabe Eszterhas, Co-Chair
  • Jack George, Co-Chair
  • Jared Abramson
  • Maria Alberti
  • Roni Avissar
  • Richard Baum
  • Lance Kaplan
  • Joshua Boone
  • Darryl Caulton
  • Aintzane Celaya
  • Barbara Cole
  • Bill Devoney
  • Tony Etzel
  • Angela Fuste
  • Alan Gomez
  • Rudy Green
  • Ruth Rubi
  • Carol Laracuente
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Blanca Malagon
  • Mary Prats
  • Phil Profeta
  • Dawn Reynolds
  • Sergio Santos
  • Charmel Maynard
  • Hiram Sem