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Workday Finance: Expenses

Last Updated: 02/08/2018

Who will have access to submit eBERFs?

  • In Workday, eBERFs are now called “Expense Reports.” All employees have the ability to submit expense reports for themselves. However, only an employee with the Workday role of Expense Data Entry Specialist can submit an expense report on behalf of another employee. To learn more about Expense Reports, please enroll in the Workday: Expenses instructor led training available in ULearn. Click here to review related tip sheets.

How will per diem rates be determined in Workday?

  • Per diem rates are calculated based on the city of travel, using the General Services Administration (GSA) standard.

How will we reimburse non-employees? What about students?

Do I submit a Spend Authorization for expenses such as airfare and hotel purchased in advance of my travel dates?

  • Spend Authorizations should not be used to reimburse employees for airfare and hotel purchased in advance. Instead, an Expense Report should be submitted.
  • Spend Authorizations should only be used by eligible individuals to request a cash advance for student group travel in which cash in-hand will be required.
  • Employees may apply for the University Travel Card to pay for trip expenses. Please reference the Travel Card FAQ section.