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CaneLink: General

Subcategory Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Searching for Classes Provides faculty with the navigation from the Faculty Center to search for classes. (Also see Setting User Defaults.) Faculty N/A
Entering and Approving Grades Provides faculty with the steps to assign and approve grades. Faculty
Viewing Your Schedule Provides faculty with options for viewing their class schedules. Faculty
Viewing the Class Roster Provides faculty with the navigation to view and print their class rosters and to email their students. Faculty
Notifying with Class Roster Provides direction for sending group and/or individual emails to students from the class roster. Faculty N/A
Browsing the Course Catalog Provides the navigation to view course information in the Course Catalog. This is not where class related information resides. Faculty N/A
Setting User Defaults This tutorial provides the steps to establish which term, career, program, etc. you want to appear when searching for classes. In most cases you would only want to modify the term. Faculty