CaneLink: Registration for Staff and Registrar

Subcategory Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Enrolling a Student in a Class Provides directions for enrolling students in their classes. This is available for staff in the Office of the Registrar and academic units where students do not use self service. Staff & Registrar
Enrolling a Student in a Variable Credit Class Provides directions for enrolling students in classes where a range of credit options are available. Staff & Registrar
Placing a Student on a Waitlist Provides the steps needed by a staff member for placing a student on a waitlist. Staff & Registrar
Understanding Enrollment Overrides Provides directions for registering students into classes where they don’t meet a class requirement or a pre-requisite. Staff & Registrar
Viewing Class Section Information Provides staff members with the navigation to view specific information for each class section. Staff & Registrar
Introduction to Registration Basic information is provided for the completion of forms processed by the Office of the Registrar. Staff & Registrar N/A