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CaneLink: Registration for Students

Subcategory Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Add Class(es) Provides steps to add classes from the schedule to the enrollment shopping cart. Students
Drop Class(es) Provides steps on how to drop one or more classes. Students
Error Messages Provides information on the most common error messages and how to resolve them. Students
Overview of the Student Service Center Provides an overview of Cane Link’s main launching point for accessing academic, financial and personal information. Students
Search for Classes Provides steps on how to search for classes using different criteria as well as how to browse the Course Catalog. Students
Setting up a Swap Provides steps on how to swap a course that you are already enrolled in for another that you would prefer to enroll in instead. Students
Validation Process Provides the steps to validate classes once they have been added to the shopping cart. Students
Viewing & Resolving Service Indicators (Holds) Provides information on negative and positive service indicators, what they mean, how to view them and how to resolve them. Students
Viewing the Academic Advisement Report (AAR) Provides steps to run the Academic Advisement Report (AAR) to view progress in fulfilling the requirements to graduate. Students
Waitlisting Provides the steps to put yourself on a course waitlist when the course is full. Students