Workday HR: Basics

Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Approvals Learn how to access and complete your approval tasks. Manager, HR Roles, Finance Roles
Configure Worklets Learn how to configure your worklets and configure your "Favorites" worklet. Employee
Business Process Notification Preferences Learn how to change email notification delivery preferences for business processes (e.g. payroll and direct deposit changes) Employee
Delegation Learn how to delegate your inbox, assign other workers to start tasks on your behalf, delegate a task, stop delegation, and act on someone's behalf (instructions for delegates). Manager, HR Roles, Finance Roles
Inbox Learn about your Workday Inbox and how to change email notification delivery preferences. Employee
Photo Change Learn how to add a photo to your Workday profile, includes photo guidelines. Employee
Process Status And Workflow Learn about the Process Status screen, the central location for finding the status of business processes in Workday, how to access the process status screen, cancel a business process, and view process status by completion date, time, and the person responsible. Employee N/A
Search Learn about Workday's search bar, which is visible and available on every page. Employee N/A
Security Roles Learn about Security Roles and role assignments, including: Employee as Self (ESS), Manager Role, HR Partner, Business Process Initiator (BPI), Timekeeper, and Cost Center Manager. Employee N/A
View Your Employee Profile Page Learn about the employee profile page. Employee